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ICQ, Gold, and Global Politics: A Not-So-Virtuous Circle in Britannia

In the grand drama that is Ultima Online, a new plot has been unfurled. The Russian Federation, in a move straight out of a dystopian novel, has reportedly infiltrated thousands of UO accounts, exploiting those Britannians who can't bear to part with their beloved ICQ and migrate to the digital promised land of Discord. They'd rather risk handing over all of their personal information than forego the charmingly outdated 'uh-oh' notification sound.

As whispers on the wind would have it, these unyielding ICQ devotees might as well have handed over the keys to their keeps. In an operation as swift as a player jumping shards to escape spawn raids, the Russians have swooped in, seizing not just any loot, but the coveted gold.

What’s even more audacious is that the Russians are allegedly selling this ill-gotten wealth on UO Facebook groups. It seems that the lures of a few extra gold coins are enough for some to overlook their sources. But here's the twist: those who are purchasing this gold, with the intention of bolstering their in-game stature, may just be financing the Russians' real-world activities in Ukraine.

Before you scoff at the absurdity of it, remember, truth can be stranger than fiction - or in our case, stranger than vendor search actually working.

Whether this tale is as factual as a server-wide broadcast, or as elusive as the truth behind the New Legacy's existence, we urge all Britannians to proceed with caution and know the origin of your gold before parting with your hard-earned cash. In these tumultuous times, we need to ensure that our love for Britannia doesn't inadvertently fuel real-world conflicts. Stay sharp, citizens!

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