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New Legacy: Eventually!

Unpredictability is the spice of life, they say. Well, the Ultima Online devs certainly took that to heart. Their newest creation? The New Legacy shard - an unexpected bundle of joy that appeared out of nowhere, kind of like that extra gargoyle you never remembered hatching. As this startling news trickled down the grapevine of Britannia, warriors and wizards collectively hit the pause button, scratching their helmeted heads and stroking their bearded chins in bewilderment at this creative leap of faith.

Meanwhile, the player base continues to demonstrate the resilience of a tamer painstakingly pushing that skill to 120 in Jhelom farms, all while battling a rising tide of frustrations over the developer's vow of silence. As one seasoned veteran noted, "I bet I'd master pixie dialect before getting a single word out of the team."

Yet, in a twist as surprising as finding a golden egg in a chicken coop, our extremely trustworthy (and totally not imaginary) insider sources hint at an alpha release by August 2026. The precision of this forecast suggests that the devs may be experimenting with Doc Browns DeLorean.

Despite the hush-hush around the expansion, players are hoping for more than just Britannia in a new dress. Is the New Legacy shard the unasked-for treasure that will redefine our game, or is it just another mound of fertile dirt in our backpacks? Only time will tell.

So here's a toast to the thrilling rollercoaster that is Ultima Online, a journey as unpredictable and lively as an evening in the Atlantic general chat!

When do you think New Legacy will be in Alpha?

  • 2023

  • 2024

  • 2025

  • 2026

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